Terms and Conditions



Terms and Condiations

September 28th 2017

We charge a non-refundable £45 up front towards the cost of building your welcome book and then a further £45 once you are satisfied with your Welcome Book before it goes live. This cost also covers hosting of your Welcome Book for the first year.

We charge £60 before renewal of your hosting each year. If you cancel your subscription following the first year a pro-rata refund to your annual subscription will be made upon request.

We reserve the right to charge for requested changes to your My Welcome Book after the initial set-up. We will make a few small changes for free and will charge up to £30 for significant changes.

Your Welcome book will remain the intellectual property of MyWelcomeBook.com<https://mywelcomebook.com/> and you are granted full rights to use this while your subscription remains active.

In event of any dispute, a neutral third party will be agreed to mediate. Our agreements fall under the jurisdiction of English law.

MyWelcomeBook.com<https://mywelcomebook.com/> will treat your personal information and the information in your Welcome Book as confidential and will not share this with third parties with the exception of agents of MyWelcomeBook.com<https://mywelcomebook.com/> solely for the purpose of creating and maintaining your My Welcome Book.

You will be provided with a password you can provide to your clients to allow then to access your My Welcome Book. You are responsible for administering this disclosure and for any use your clients make use of this information.