10 things to include in your Welcome Book.

Below are our top 10 things to include in your digital welcome book:

1. Welcome Message & Introduction

As well as a simple message welcoming people to your property it’s nice to include an introduction to where they are staying. If you have renovated the property, why not include a before and after photo, if the building is interesting/special in some way – tell them why.



2. Emergency Information

Perhaps one of the most important elements of any guest welcome book. This section should include an emergency contact should something go wrong at the property. If you don’t have a maintenance person, it might be worth providing the number for a local plumber/electrician who you have built a relationship with.

It’s also useful to include details about the nearest hospital, pharmacy and Doctors surgery.


3. House Rules 

We’ve mentioned how important house rules are over on our blog about what we’ve learned. This is the perfect place to include them and remember; they might be guests but there’s nothing wrong with expecting them to respect the property. This is where you’d include things like: not making noise after certain times if you have neighbours, not taking glasses into the hot tub etc. You may have signs up around the property relating to certain areas but it’s worth including everything in this section – just in case the signs are missed.


4. Appliance Instructions

No matter how easy you think they are to use, you should include instructions for all the appliances in the property. Not only will this make the guests feel more confident using them but you’ll also avoid those inevitable questions about how to turn the oven on, what cycle to put the dishwasher on etc – you know the ones!



5. Wi-Fi/Technology

Unless you are providing a digital retreat almost all of your guests will want to know the details of your WiFi and also what TV services they have access to, so make sure you include the details for them.



6. Rubbish

One of the most common questions that holiday property owners get asked is about what to do with the rubbish and recycling at the property. Make it easy for your guests and provide clear instructions about what goes where, when the bins are collected, whether they are expected to empty them, if they need to put the dustbins out etc.



7. Local Transport

Provide details or a taxi company or two as well as any information about public transport that’s available.

If you know the area well, letting people know what bus to get to where and where to get it from where can be extremely helpful if they don’t wish to drive everywhere.


8. Things to Do

If you’re using a digital welcome book service like ours, this section can simply be a map, highlighting all the local attractions, which users can click on to get more information. If you’re keeping a folder at the property, include a few leaflets of the best places to visit. Whether you’re digital or not it’s even better if you can personalise this section by letting guests know what you’d recommend for different situations i.e. ‘Great for children’, ‘Perfect for a full day out’ or ‘Ideal for rainy afternoon’.

9. Places to Eat

It’s a good idea to include a map of your location showing restaurants in the local area – this is perfect for guests as they can see how far away things are and also view ratings and more information for any of the options.

Again, as with the previous section, recommendations are invaluable to guests. We all know eating out can be very hit or miss, so why not help them choose somewhere good by leaving some comments/feedback on the local offering.

10. Check Out Instructions

Finally, make sure you include all the details about checking out of the property. Be sure to mention; what to do with the bins, whether you expect the washing up to be done, where they should leave the key(s) and anything else your guests will be wondering about when it’s time for them to say goodbye. This is also the perfect place to thank them for choosing to stay with you and politely ask for them to leave a review of their stay on your chosen platform, whether that’s Google/TripAdvisor/Facebook etc.

We hope you found this helpful, please check back for our next blog soon!

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