My Welcome Book - Pricing

It is our aim at My Welcome Book to focus on supplying you with a superior product at a very reasonable price. It will streamline your booking process and provide your guests with all the information they need at their fingertips.

Why choose us? We offer a PERSONAL service. We WRITE the copy for your approval.

Your annual subscription will include the hosting of your My Welcome Book, local support, updates and your continued use of this great product from My Welcome Book.

Annual subscription £49.99 or £5.99/month
FREE Initial Compilation set up fee

Initial fact finding and compiling of My Welcome Book for your property. Your welcome book will be hosted on My Welcome Book site with unique URL supplied to you. [contact us for a price if you have more than 1 property]

Annual subscription + 2nd copy for marketing purposes (sensitive information removed) £69.99 or £7.99/month

Annual subscription £69.99/year for continued hosting of both copies of your MY WELCOME BOOK and local support line if you have any questions.

Small updates are free!

Minor changes such as replacement instructions for your washing machine FREE. Major changes such as new photos are subject to a small charge.

Order your MY WELCOME BOOK today and start to see the benefits for both you and your guests.

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