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My Welcome Book

Welcome to The Little Cottage

We have designed this pack to help you get the most out of your visit to The Little Cottage. Please let us have your suggestions to help future guests enjoy this very special area.

You will find a hard copy of this guide at The Little Cottage in case you prefer a good read. You can also print this if you prefer a hard copy.

Contact details:

Owners:  James and Mel Birch
Landline:+44 (0) 123 456 789
Mobile: +44(0)7890 123456

Arrival and Departures


The full address of The Little Cottage is:

The Little Cottage, Church Road, Little Chipping, Kent, CT8 6RF

By Car from London, Via the M20

  1. Take the M20 towards Dover, Channel Tunnel and Folkestone.
  2. Take exit 11 onto the B2068 towards Hythe, A261
  3. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto the B2068 towards Hastings, Hythe
  4. 140 yards turn left onto Ashford road
  5. 0.9 miles, take a slight left turn…

By Car from London, via the M2:

  1. Exit at Junction 7 onto the A2, direction Canterbury.
  2. Travel for around 15 Miles, passing Canterbury, Bridge and the first Barham turning and then exit at Junction for A260/B2046, signpost Wingham/Folkestone.
  3. Turn right at the little roundabout, taking you over the bridge.
  4. At the junction, turn right and then almost immediately left after 100 yards (do not rejoin the A2)…

By Train from London

There are several options but we recommend either:

  • From Kings Cross/St Pancras to Canterbury West (53 mins) and then Taxi (10 mins)
  • From Kings Cross/St Pancras to Folkestone Central (Main Station – 51 mins) and then Taxi (12 mins)

The whole journey from London will take approximately 1 Hour and 10 Mins.

Other Train Options

  • Folkestone West: FAST TRAIN from Kings Cross/St Pancras (53 mins) then 20 minute taxi.
  • Bekesbourne: 1 hour 35 from London Victoria 20 minutes by taxi
  • Shepherds Well: 1 hour 52 from London Victoria then 20 minutes by taxi
  • Canterbury East: 1 hour 12 from London St Pancras (1 change) the 22 minutes by taxi

Taxi Options

Reliable, recommended local taxi – THE VILLAGE TAXI – is a great option to bring you from one of the train stations. Best to arrange in advance.

We can do this for you or you can ring and discuss direct 07735 665386 (James). Please mention that we have given you his number.

Arrival Information

Please remember to bring the Hot Tub and swimming pool disclaimers.

Mel or her representative will meet you at the house. Please telephone 30 minutes ahead of arrival on these numbers:

Mel Mobile: +44(0)7890 123456 OR

James Mobile: +44(0)7890 654321

Please try to stick to your agreed arrival time. It will not be possible to arrive early unless agreed in advance. Please also telephone if running late.

Check in

Your home for your stay is: The Little Cottage, Church Road, Little Chipping, Kent, CT8 6RF

Keys to The Little Cottage

When you are met at the house you will be provided with 2 sets of keys. Please keep these safe and pop back through the letter box when you leave.

Departure Information

Departure: 10.00am or 12 noon as arranged.

Checklist for departure

  1. Put all towels, bathmats and bathrobes on the hall floor
  2. Take all drinking glasses to kitchen and place in dishwasher along with any last minute crockery. cutlery. Please leave the dishwasher running.
  3. Please turn off all lights, fans and close all bedroom windows
  4. Please ensure that all cushions and blankets are returned to their homes
  5. Please try to put all kitchen crockery etc. back in its original home
  6. Please remember to lock the doors and windows. This includes the front door, utility room door and all patio doors.
  7. Please remove all cigarette butts from outside and place on a plastic bag in the green ‘general’ bin.
  8. Please ensure that all outside furniture is left where you found it and that cushions are put away.

Bins and Rubbish

Importantly, please ensure that your rubbish has been recycled correctly as follows. You will find bins in the kitchen order cupboard that correspond to the outside bins. The bins are labelled:

  1. Hard plastic, bottles & cans
  2. Paper and card
  3. General

When these are full, please empty into the outside bins which are situated in the drive as follows:

  • Purple top bin HARD plastic, bottles and cans
  • Paper and card: Please leave in black sacks
  • Completely green bin: everything else

Weekend Excess

If you are staying for a weekend and you have any excess please take it with you or leave £25 in cash in order for our housekeeper to take it to the local tip but whatever you decide please separate still.

Staying for more than 1 week?

If you are staying for a week or more you will need to put the line out for collection and the day/times will be explained when you arrive.

It is extremely important that you do this otherwise our cleaners will need to spend time sifting through the rubbish to separate it and you will be charged for this.

Accommodation Information

Our Philosophy

You want to have a wonderful break and we want that for you too. We believe that when you are here this is your home for however long you are staying and that you will be relaxed, comfortable and happy. We do ask you to be respectful to your surroundings and we have a zero tolerance policy on loud, party style noise – particularly outside at night.

If you need to contact us during your stay, please find details below. Enjoy!

Your home from home

We use The Little Cottage as our 2nd home at various times of the year – especially as we have a large family. Otherwise we live in Canterbury. You will see that there are some cupboards locked and marked private as this is where the house bedding and our personal belongings are kept. We also leave some personal belongings in the utility room such as coats, boots etc.

We have sought to equip The Little Cottage to a high standard and to anticipate your needs by providing all the things you might want for a great stay. Hair dryers and towels are provided as standard and a washing machine and tumble dryer are available so that you don’t have to worry about luggage restrictions.

House Rules

  • Please refrain from playing loud music in the garden after 10.00pm so not to disturb the neighbour.
  • Please note this is non-smoking property and we kindly ask you not to smoke in the property. If you do smoke outside could you please collect and throw away the cigarette butts when you leave.
  • Please do not invite any additional guests back to the accommodation without prior discussion.
  • Please take good care of the property and leave it in a clean and tidy condition at the end of your stay.
  • We may retain an amount from your security deposit if there is a lot of additional cleaning to be done. Please do not use blu- tak or sellotape on the walls as this can damage the paintwork.
  • Please do not move the furniture.


The kitchen is well equipped.

  1. Dishwasher – After stacking select the required programme and close the door firmly. It should then automatically start. There are dishwasher tablets/rinse aid in the large drawer to the left of the sink.
  2. 2 x double ovens – Turn the oven on as shown and adjust temperature on the 2nd dial.
  3. 6 burner gas hob
  4. Extractor fan. This should be set to automatic but please manually tun it on if it isn’t.
  5. Microwave – Select the programme you require, adjust the time and press ‘start’.
  6. 2 fridge freezers
  7. There is a ‘kettle’ tap (photo) with safety feature. to left hand side lever operated the kettle function. Push down and pull towards you to release boiling water. It can sometime stick a little so please ensure that it has fully turned off. The leaver to the right is the usual hot/cold combination.
  8. 4 slice toaster
  9. cafetière
  10. large selection of pots, pans, serving dishes, crockery, cutlery and utensils.
  11. Walk in lader: As we use the house sometimes for ourselves it has a basic food stock here. Please feel free to use anything but note on the blackboard if you finish anything so that we can replace.
  12. Hidden drawers: The deep sets of drawers to the left of the sink and the other deep set under the island, have slim hidden drawers inside for cutlery and utensils. PHOTO

In the kitchen we provide kitchen roll, foil, clingfilm, bin bags, washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets, dishwasher cloths/sponges, tea towels, salt/pepper & other commonly used herbs/spices, some basic food stock such as cereals, flower, tins, etc so please help yourself to this.

Granite work tops: Please treat these with respect and do not place hot pans and baking trays directly on it. You will find metal stands for this purpose in the big drawers to the left on the sink.


Sitting Room

There is a 55″ flat screen TV with full SKY Q package. If you watch anything with an ‘over 18’ designation you will require a PIN which is 1955. There is a full movie channel so please do not BUY a movie. If you must then please let us know and leave the cash for this purpose. Please do not change this code.  there is a 2nd sky box, again with full package, in the master bedroom. This video will explain the remote:

There are large sliding patio doors the dining area, sitting area and 1 of the ground floor bedrooms. These are operated by LIFTING both handles, gently pushing out and away and then sliding open. Please be gentle with them. If you smoke outside, please close the door behind you so that the smoke does not drift into the house.

There is a selection of board games in the TV unit.

There are two large 4 seater sofas in the sitting area and an extra two seats are the bean-bag type and can be found in the hall if you need the extra seating.

CC_The View_Dinning Room 1

Dining Area

There is a dimmer switch that operates the lights over the table.

There are table mats that we would ask you to use at ALL times to prolong the life of the table. The mats are in the left hand cupboard facing the table. IF YOU DO HAVE AN ACCIDENT PLEASE REPORT THIS IMMEDIATELY SO THAT WE CAN RECTIFY THE SITUATION AND STOP PERMANENT STAINING. You will find a large selection of glasses here too. Please be careful with the glasses and report any breakages so that we can replace them.

There are 10 matching dining chairs. 8 are at the table and a further 2 can be found in the downstairs bedrooms. There are a further 2 wooden dining chairs that can also be used and they are located in the 1st floor bedrooms. If you are more than 12 then you will need to use the outside chairs. Please ensure that they are dry and clean and that there is no grit on the feet so as not to damage the floor.



All beds will be made up for your arrival and towels/bathrobes and hotel style toiletries are also provided. 2 toilet rolls/loo are also provided (more for week long stays). You will also find glasses and bottled water next to the beds.

Bathrooms and Toilets

1 ensuite has a bath with hand held shower for hair washing, loo and basin and 2 en suites have a shower, loo and basin. The family bathroom has a bath, hand held shower for hair washing, loo and basin and there is a ground floor loo as well.

Utility Room and Downstairs WC

There is a ground floor utility room. As there are cleaning products etc here please keep this locked if you have children.

There is a washing machine and tumble dryer. We supply some washing powder/liquid. The dryer is a condenser so you will need to empty the water from the unit located top left. You will also need to keep it free of fluff if you use it a lot! There is also a drying rack.

You will also find cleaning materials, hoover and mop here.


The main gate is electronic.

Please do not try to force the gate open by pushing or you will damage the mechanism. In order to open and close the gate you will need to use the small, circular, blue disk on the main house key ring. Hold it next to the key pad to open. Alternatively, the gate can be opened with a code 1066#. The gate is on a timer so you will need to be quick once you have activated the opening.

Outside Lights:

There are security lights around the house and in the outside driveway. There is a light for the patio area next to the living space and the switch for this is on the wall next to the inside dining table (outside wall side). Please turn this off before going to bed at night.

There are outside lights to light the drive and front door and these are the 1st 2 switches just inside the front door. We suggest that you switch these on before going out in the evening or if going in and out to the games room or hot tub so that your way is lit. Please turn them off when you go to bed to conserve energy.


There is a charcoal BBQ for your use from April to October. Please clean this after use. £50 excess charge if cleaning staff need to do this.

The Pool



  • Always keep the pool covered when not in use. This will conserve energy and prevent the build-up of condensation.
  • If your hair is long, put it up in a ponytail or bun to avoid getting it caught in the filter or drain.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or using drugs in the pool. In addition to the risk of drowning, your body cannot regulate its temperature as well when you are asleep, which can lead to dangerous overheating.
  • Similarly, avoid using the pool when overly tired. Similarly, you should not be alone in the pool in case of accident/illness.
  • Never use electrical devices (including phones, radios, TVs or any other corded device) in or near the pool. If you must have one nearby, use a battery-powered device and place it on a table a safe distance from the water. Be sure all electrical outlets are a safe distance from the pool as well, in keeping with local building codes. Corded devices and outlets present a real risk of electrocution if they get wet!
  • ALWAYS SHOWER WITH SOAP AND WATER before and after using the pool. Showering before will prevent lotions and skin oils from gunking up the filter and prevent bacteria from entering the pool, and showering after will help remove any chemicals or bacteria that linger on your skin, preventing rashes and infection.


  1. If you have heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes you should check with your doctor before using the pool.
  2. Do not use the pool alone.


We accept no responsibility for any reactions or illness you might experience following the use of this pool.

Any direct damage caused to this pool by anyone should be reported to the owners immediately and will have to be charged.

Please Note:

Mobile phone reception is poor at the house. The best places to make/receive calls are outside, towards the front gate, up by the outbuilding or in the upstairs bedrooms. Some providers are better than others. O2 isn’t great and Vodafone appears better. For this reason we provide a landline. Please use only when really necessary. We have provided an honesty box for its use and the number is 01303 840822.


The main hub is situated in the outside store room located just outside the dining room door. The key to this is hanging in the utility room. Please keep this door locked. There is a white booster box located in the kitchen. Please do not unplug this or you will lose signal.

The wifi at THE VIEW is SKY. There are 2 different ones to connect to. The main one is SKY.

Username: SKYF9A00   |   Password: RTYMLVF

Username: TP-LINK_309E10   |   Password: 17002

This tends to serve the side of the house nearest to the pool.


Located in the dining room & kitchen.

Sonos is a great little music speaker/system that allows you to play music from your phone. You just need to download the SONOS app and connect your phone and ensure you are connected to wifi. Follow the instructions to ‘group’ the kitchen and living room.

Wood Burner and Central Heating

Wood Burner

These can be tricky if you are not familiar with wood burners. There are full instructions at the house but if you do not feel able please ask John or Sue to demonstrate and leave it running for you.

Central Heating

The house has underfloor heating throughout the ground floor. Each room has it’s own thermostat that looks like this. Please turn these stats down at night to conserve energy.

Safety points

If you have children we advise that you take the following precautions:

  1. keep the utility room locked as there are potential hazards there (cleaning products and the like)
  2. keep the swimming pool doors locked at all times and ensure that both sets of keys are kept in the key safe at all times.
  3. there are cleaning products under the sink so we suggest you move these
  4. keep the front gate closed
  5. keep the side gate locked
  6. At the front of the house there is an area of patio/grass and a short bank below this. At the bottom of the bank are shrubs/hedges and a farm fence to keep sheep out. We have installed a fence where the patio meets the top of the bank but have kept this minimal so as not to interrupt the amazing views. Please be aware that this amore of a barrier/reminder than completely child proof.


You want to have a wonderful break and we want that for you too. We believe that when you are here this is your home for however long you are staying and that you will be relaxed, comfortable and happy.

Bringing the Restaurant to you.

We offer a unique & truly special private chef experience brought direct to you. Combining a personal chef hire service with restaurant quality cuisine, this option is designed to be affordable, accessible & simple to book for our guests.

Our guests love this experience so please just pop us over an email or telephone Mel for more details.



Perfect Pamper

We are proud to offer the Spa services of a leading national company BLAKE and JONES. They will arrive at the house to pamper you and your friends/family and offer the full range of spas treatments from manicures to full body massage.

This is the prefect accompaniment to the great spa facilities on offer at The Little Cottage – pool, hot tub and sauna.

Contact Us to make an enquiry or a booking.

Shopping Service

Many of our guests make a supermarket order for a delivery to the house. WE try to make your life easier by accepting your order for you BEFORE you arrive.We will then pack it all away and refrigerate ready for your arrival. This service is


so just contact us to arrange a convenient time.


Local things to see & do

We recommend to make the map full screen to get the best experience.

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