Introducing My Welcome Book

My Welcome Book is an easy way for you, as a holiday cottage owner, to allow your guests to feel right at home from day one. We simply take the knowledge you have of your own property and place it on a clear and ordered digital platform that can only be accessed by people with permission. So just sit back, relax and let My Welcome Book do the work for you.

3 simple steps to get your own Welcome Book


1. Gather the info you need

Creating your own welcome book is simple and easy. Just gather together any pictures, instructions, passwords or directions that you feel will be useful. My Welcome Book can advise you on whats needed. Alternatively, just send us a copy of your current hard-copy version and we will work our magic!


2. Fill in the questionnaire

Get in touch with My Welcome Book, via email or phone, to receive a property questionnaire. Not only will this help us compile your digital book, it will help you create a comprehensive list of useful info about your property.


3. Wait for it to appear!

Just sit back and relax as My Welcome Book does the work for you and produces your digital property guide. We will work closely with you until we get it just right. When complete, you will receive a link with a password that you can send to your guests before they arrive.

Making Life Convenient

As a holiday home owner, it can be quite tiresome receiving calls about your property even after leaving them with clear verbal instructions or written directions in a folder. You find yourself repeating the same things over again as your guests turn straight to you for help. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Let My Welcome book be your first line of defence. With its clean look and structured layout, your guests will be able to find everything they need, when they need it; from the moment they arrive and they want to jump in the hot tub, to when they leave and they need to empty the bins. My Welcome Book exists to make life simple and easy for you and your guests.

Secure and Affordable

Security is important to My Welcome Book. Private information about your property will not be available to the general public, but only to the select few that will be staying at your holiday home. Your content will be password protected so that only the people that will see it are the ones that you allow by sending them the password and link.

My Welcome Book is an affordable way to make your job as a holiday property owner easier and less stressful. Without guests asking you a constant stream of questions, you can concentrate on the important aspects of your business.